3D Cross Section

A 3D cross-section is an illustrative representation of a road that encompasses all its dimensions and components. It is generated during the pre-construction design phase and serves as a valuable tool for visualizing the upcoming construction project in three dimensions, as opposed to merely numerical data. This visualization aids in the identification of any design issues that might be challenging to discern when working solely with numerical specifications. Consequently, necessary adjustments can be made proactively.

We have produced various styles of 3D cross-sections for WCG, a prominent engineering consulting firm headquartered in Utah. These representations pertain to the roads they are planning to construct over the next few years.




3D Cross Section


Different Time Periods


3D Modeling

3D Cross Section
3D Cross Section2
3D Cross Section3
3D Cross Section4
3D Cross Section5
3D Cross Section6
3D Cross Section7
3D Cross Section8
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