Animated Giphy

During my time working with brands, I had the opportunity to develop many sets of gifs to use in social media. Each set of gifs showcases the brand’s attributes and how they present their messages on social media.


Multiple Clients


Animated Giphy


Different Time Periods



TruSmile Now is an all-service dental care that has 4 locations in Arizona.
TruSmileNow gif tooth1
TruSmileNow before after
TruSmileNow gif tooth2
TruSmileNow did you know
TruSmileNow logo icon
TruSmileNow new post
TruSmileNow logo animation
TruSmileNow client review
TruSmileNow dental chair
TruSmileNow gorgeous
TruSmileNow testimonial
TruSmileNow testimonial 2
11Crypto (The 11 Captain’s Club) is an NFT collection.
11crypto disco ball
11crypto website
11crypto music speaker
11crypto hashtag 1
11crypto ethcoin to hatcoin
11crypto LFG
11crypto hat music bar
11crypto hat fire
11crypto hat halo
11crypto hat firework
11crypto glitchy hat
11crypto hat fire back
11crypto CaptainClub logo 2
11crypto logo
11crypto hat logo 1
11crypto glitchy logo 1
11crypto hat logo2 1
11crypto hat moving 1
11Vodka is a Vodka brand owned by 11Miami – a very popular night club in Miami.
11Vodka The Official Vodka of Nightlife Circle
11vodka holographicbottle
11vodka PartyWith11vodka
11vodka logo
11vodka 11stackgradient
11vodka 11Money100
11vodka made in miami
11vodka PartyMoney
11vodka bottleopenup
11vodka outlined logo
11vodka zerofck giving 1
11vodka With Bottle
SKC Group is a marketing agency in Las Vegas.
SKC client love 1
SKC Crown color logo 1
SKC client win 1
SKC new client alert
SKC group logo black
SKC Crown black2 1
Stripper Ville is also an NFT collection that I have worked with.
stripperville logo animation 2
stripperville s animation
stripperville glow neon logo
stripperville glow summer2022
stripperville logo animation
stripperville hashtag
Club Ego is an after hours club in Las Vegas that holds a lot of fun events with high profile DJs.
ClubEgo canyoukeepup
Club Ego David icon
ClubEgo follow us
ClubEgo Logo wordmark blk
ClubEgo David icon2
ClubEgo Partay
ClubEgo Lets Ego
ClubEgo Egoists
ClubEgo sound on
ClubEgo website
ClubEgo shots please
ClubEgo Vegas baby 1
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