Crestland Brand Identity

Crestland developed maps and image collections of the Midwest region’s trails, helping people to explore outdoors in the safest and most comprehensive way. They provide protective gear, mountain gear, bicycle rental, warm clothing, tents, and much more. Crestland wanted a fresh brand identity that reflects the brand’s personality. I developed a logo, a brand guideline book, stationery, and other publications like brochure covers. The concept of the logo is simple. It’s a combination of three elements: mountain, tent and leaves. Crestland hopes this logo mark creates intimacy with their audiences by using familiar items. The blue colors of the sky and the green of the leaves are for the same purpose.




Crestland Brand Identity


2 Months



Crestland 1
Crestland 2
Crestland 3
Crestland 4
Crestland 5
Crestland 6
Crestland 7
Crestland 8
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