E11even Vodka Marketing

E11even vodka is one of the strongest and most distinctive brands I’ve ever worked with. Their slogan is “Zero F*#ks Given”, “Party Ambitiously”, “The Official Vodka Of Nightlife” and indeed, it shows through their marketing campaigns. They are proud to be owned by women and always want to make that clear through the media. If E11even Vodka was a woman, it would be a very seductive, powerful and strong woman.


E11even Vodka


E11even Vodka Marketing


1 Year



In the heat of summer in Miami, people flocked to the beach. These videos were shown on a boat drifting back and forth all day. Beachgoers who looked out to sea would be sure to see the billboards.

Instagram ads to promote their products to the locals with the message:
“Bring the party home, shop at your local liquor store.”

Social Media posts to promote Gold Ticket campaign:
2 11vodka bottles contained 2 golden tickets – free entries and a VIP table at 11Miami Night Club

Here are some social media feed/story/reel posts for other campaign.

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