Photobucket 21-Day Trial Campaign

The task was to create a promotional graphic, a video, a landing page that pushes Photobucket® free trial. In the time limit, I came up with a copy for social media posts, 3 social graphics (for Facebook and Instagram), 2 landing pages in both desktop and mobile views, and a short video.




21-Day Trial Campaign


2 Days



Social Media Post

Copy: “Sign up to Photobucket today and your first 21 days of unlimited image and video storage are on us. Save your precious photos and videos with zero ad, best-in-class photo editor. Our easy sharing tools allow you to decide who gets to see your images and videos. Don’t wait. Start your free trial today!”
Photobucket ig post 1
Photobucket ig post 2
Photobucket ig post 3
Photobucket ig post 4

Landing Page (Desktop)

Photobucket website mockup 1
Photobucket website mockup 2

Landing Page (Mobile)

Photobucket app mockup

YouTube Ad

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