Qtea Brand Identity

Qtea is a boba tea and rolling ice-scream shop in Papillion, Nebraska. Their tea comes with different flavors like jasmine tea, honey tea, coconut tea, milk tea, strawberry tea. Customers can create their own rolling ice-cream by picking base flavors, mix-in flavors and toppings. Since their drinks are very colorful, we used hot pink, peach, mint green and pastel purple for the color palette of the brand. We also designed bottle and ice-cream cup mock-ups for them to show how they could apply the logo, color palette and pattern on their packaging.




Qtea Brand Identity


1 Month



Qtea 1
Qtea 2
Qtea 3
Qtea featured photo square
Qtea 5
Qtea featured photo2
Qtea 7
Qtea 8
Qtea 9
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