Samsung TV, Your New Best Friend Video

“Samsung TV – Your New Best Friend!” was one of the 3 motion graphics videos in a Samsung Vietnam campaign. The videos were live on their website and social media. Pin Vo coordinated with 3 other designers to create everything including the story, character design, animation, music and sound effects. It was voiced over by Dua Leo, a famous Vietnamese standup comedian. The motion graphics video was about a man expressing his disappointment about marriage life because he was not allowed to hang out with his friends anymore, then realizing that it’s not that bad because at least he had a TV as his new best friend.

Team members that worked on this project: Pin Vo – Art Director/Animator, Minh Ti – Illustrator/Animator, Viet Le Duy – Illustrator/Animator, Thanh Tran – Video Editor/Sound Effects


Samsung Vietnam


Samsung Video


1 Month



Samsung video ho chi minh city
Samsung video man sitting in his livingroom
Samsung video happy family
Samsung video dirty room
Samsung video music concert
Samsung video couple sitting on a couch
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